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01 Communique Announces Live Demo of Ironcap X Personal Usage Email Platform at the Company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting

By IQT News posted 24 Mar 2020

(FinanceYahoo) 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. has announced a live demo of their new IronCAP X personal usage email encryption product at the Company’s Annual Shareholders Meeting on April 23rd. While IronCAP X email encryption technology protects emails from hacking on today’s computers, it has been developed to protect emails from the future threat of Quantum computer hacking.
IronCAP X personal usage email encryption is faster than current encryption alternatives and will be free to individual subscribers after the product launch on April 23rd. Details on the launch and live demo will be provided later.
Andrew Cheung, President of 01 Communique stated, “IronCAP X is a next generation email encryption product protecting personal and privileged information which is currently accessible and hackable. It utilizes our IronCAP API which has been available to vendors since the summer of 2019 and allows vendors a wide variety of vertical applications to protect financial transactions, websites, VPN, cloud, network systems, email, etc.” Mr. Cheung continued, “Our IronCAP X product stands out from the rest as it is the world’s first end-to-end email/file encryption and digital signing system that utilizes our quantum-safe IronCAP technology. This is the future of cybersecurity protection.”

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