(PRNewswire) Qunnect, LLC, a Quantum Communications Device company, announces the closing of $800,000 in Seed Financing. The round was oversubscribed. Investors include Quantonation, the Accelerate NY Seed Fund, and private individual investors.
Qunnect is developing a suite of devices to enable long-distance quantum-secured communications. All products are engineered to operate at room temperature, a critical design consideration for real-world deployment. The company’s first product, a quantum memory device, can store, coherently manipulate, temporally synchronize, and retrieve quantum-states on-demand. The memory device will be used both as a stand-alone product and as an integral component in the company’s future products.
Christophe Jurczak, Managing Director of Quantonation states, “The team at Qunnect has a very strong technical and business vision that is a key factor of success for Deep Tech startups. We see countries and corporations ramping up their efforts worldwide to speed up the development of quantum-secure communications, Qunnect’s technology will be a key building block for this quantum future.”
Peter Donnelly, Managing Director of Accelerate NY Seed Fund adds, “Qunnect’s quantum memories are an important step towards demonstrating quantum-secure communications in the field. We are pleased to support the commercialization of this groundbreaking innovation from Stony Brook University and Brookhaven National Labs.”