(ZDNet) Quantum Machines has developed the Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP): A full hardware and software solution, which they claim has the most advanced classical hardware worldwide for the operation of quantum processors. In addition, QOP offers a convenient software interface for the seamless programming of even the most complex algorithms.
Quantum Machines is an Israeli startup, funded with $5.5 million by Battery Ventures and TLV Partners, and founded by three physics PhDs: Itamar Sivan, Yonatan Cohen, and Nissim Ofek. Taking on the layers of computing, they found an unmet need, and a bottleneck whose solution would drive the industry forward today and in the future.
Sivan, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines (QM), said QM’s customers are among the biggest names leading the race towards building scaled-up useful quantum computers, and include teams in six countries working on multiple different qubit platforms.
Sivan emphasized that QOP can be directly integrated with any quantum processor: “Basically, any company or institution developing quantum processors may now buy the Quantum Orchestration Platform, and right away be able to run the most complex algorithms possible.”