(TechCrunch) The quantum computing sector already has multiple vendors like D-Wave, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Rigetti offering commercial and open-source hardware solutions, simulators and other tools. There’s already a lot of fragmentation in this business.
QC Ware, which just launched its Forge cloud platform into beta, wants to become the go-to middleman for accessing the quantum computing hardware and simulators of these vendors.
Forge, which like the rest of QC Ware’s efforts is aimed at enterprise users, will give developers the ability to run their algorithms on a variety of hardware platforms and simulators. The company argues that developers won’t need to have any previous expertise in quantum computing, though having a bit of background surely isn’t going to hurt. From Forge’s user interface, developers will be able to run algorithms for binary optimization, chemistry simulation and machine learning.
NOTE: QC Ware’s Product Manager Fabio Sanches will be speaking at the upcoming IQT Europe conference on the “Applications Software” panel.  QC Ware will also be exhibiting at the event.