(SingleAngle) Australian quantum computing startup Q-CTRL is finally putting its software to use, partnering with U.S.-based Bleximo Corp. to power that company’s superconducting quantum accelerators.
The partnership will see Q-CTRL become Bleximo’s “preferred provider” of quantum firmware as Bleximo looks to bring its quantum computing systems to market.
Q-CTRL’s software helps quantum computer engineers to stabilize qubits. The company’s two flagship products, Black Opal and Boulder Opal, visualize processing errors in sleek dashboards that display detailed technical data about the root causes of a problem and include controls that engineers can use to reprogram their quantum computer’s circuitry to correct for errors.
Bleximo is more focused on the actual quantum computing hardware. It sells “quantum accelerators” that use superconducting qubits, as well as tailored quantum processors and control hardware. These are essentially “application-specific” quantum computing systems, which Bleximo says can deliver better performance than general purpose systems.
Q-CTRL recently completed a $15 million Series A round led by Australia’s largest venture capital fund, Square Peg Capital, and Silicon Valley’s Sierra Ventures.