(Amazon.com) Robert Sutor’s upcoming book ‘Dancing with Qubits‘ is now listed with Amazon books and will be available December 10 in hardcopy and Kindle. Sutor is the Vice President of  IBM Q Strategy and Ecosystem, IBM Research at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA.
The key features of the book include these topics:
*See how Quantum Computing works, what makes it different, and why it could be so powerful
*Discover the complex, mind-bending mechanics that underpin quantum systems
*Understand the necessary concepts behind classical and quantum computing
*Refresh and extend your grasp of computing, quantum theory, and quantum computing
*Explore the main applications of quantum computing to scientific computing, AI, and elsewhere
*Comprehend the detailed overview of qubits, quantum circuits, and quantum algorithms

Preorders for the 386 page book are available now on Amazon.