(Fortune) Since the 1950s, IBM has made its monolithic mainframe computers in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. On Wednesday, deepened its presence in the Hudson River Valley city by opening a facility dedicated the quantum computer.
IBM’s new special-purpose data center, called the IBM quantum computation center, is stocked with five quantum computers, with plans to add four more by next month, the company said. As of Wednesday, IBM partners—businesses such as ExxonMobil and JPMorgan Chase as well as universities and others—were granted access to the machines over the “cloud,” meaning remotely via an Internet connection.
IBM’s Poughkeepsie facility adds to the company’s quantum data center footprint. Another set of IBM quantum computers is housed in Yorktown Heights, NY, home to IBM Research, the company’s R&D unit, which produces much of the behind-the-scenes science.
An IBM spokesperson declined to disclose the exact location of the quantum computation center in Poughkeepsie, or to share images of the facility, citing competitive reasons and security concerns.