(LATimes) “Devs” is a self-contained, eight-episode Hulu series with a plot built around a Silicon valley tech company Amaya and its leaders that are building a quantum computer.
The plot follows a coder named Lily Chan (Sonoya Mizuno). A series of events leads Lily deeper and deeper into the secretive lab housed on the Amaya campus, known as Devs — short for “development.” Devs houses a powerful quantum computer that has the potential to change our understanding of the universe. Nick Offerman plays Amaya’s chief executive, a man with dubious intentions, and Alison Pill embodies his severe right-hand woman, Katie. “As the eight episodes unfold, your idea of ‘Who are the protagonists and who are the antagonists?’ becomes really murky,” Offerman says.
Alex Garland, the writer-director said the idea stemmed from whether we live in a deterministic universe or a nondeterministic universe — a deterministic universe meaning a universe where everything is a result of a prior cause. And the philosophical implication for that is that it removes free will. Garland’s directorial debut, was “Ex Machina,” came out in 2014, after which he started circling the idea of quantum mechanics. The director visited Google’s quantum computer lab in Goleta, Calif., ahead of shooting and did extensive research while writing.
The show is set in the present day, the technology depicted therein reflects some supposition, pushing past what’s currently possible. “The people who are doing what quantum computers are doing are not remotely interested in trying to do the things talked about in ‘Devs,’ nor would they be able to,” Garland says.

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