(Yahoo.Finance) Cipherloc Corporation (CLOK), a provider of highly secure, quantum-safe data protection technology, today announced launch of its first three movie audio soundtracks with SoundFi, a revolutionary “app based” audio technology platform delivering premium 360-degree sound through headphones in movie theaters.
“Keeping our audio soundtrack files secure is one of the highest priorities at SoundFi,” said Chris Anastas, Chief Executive Officer of SoundFi. “We chose Cipherloc because they take existing encryption algorithms like the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and make them both stronger and faster while supporting quantum safe protection across all points of our consumer-oriented ecosystem.”
Cipherloc Corporation is a data security solutions company whose vision is simple – Protect the World’s Data. Our highly innovative solutions are based on our patented Polymorphic Cipher Engine, which is designed to enable an ironclad layer of protection to be added to existing products, services, or applications.