By IQT News posted 05 Feb 2019

quantum sensors

A new report entitled “Quantum Sensors Markets: 2018 and Beyond” published by Inside Quantum Technology indicates that revenues from the quantum sensor market will reach $1.3 Billion in 2023 growing to $2.2 Billion by 2028. More details of the report including a full table of contents, sample from the report and pricing can be viewed by clicking here.

This report provides a strategic analysis of the main products, markets and key companies active in the quantum sensor business. Quantum sensors considered in this report include atomic clocks, single-photon detectors, PAR sensors, quantum LiDAR and quantum radar, gravity sensors, quantum magnetometers, quantum imaging devices and others. The report also takes a look at materials used for quantum sensors, especially diamond and graphene. End user markets for quantum sensors that are covered in the report include:

Transportation (Autonomous vehicles, navigation, GPS and air traffic control)

Agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture

Networked industries (telecom and smart grids)

Construction and surveying

Financial trading

Medical imaging

Defense and aerospace

Research and development


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