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Will There Be Enough Quantum Engineers in the Asia Pacific Region?

By IQT News posted 05 Aug 2021

(TechWireAsia) Quantum engineers are now being highly sought after by companies in the Asia Pacific looking to leverage the technology. From Japan launching its most powerful quantum computer last month to China developing its quantum computers, quantum engineers are a key ingredient in the quantum computing workforce.
Most use cases for quantum computing are still limited but growing globally. To ensure the development of the technology keeps going, big tech vendors are working with universities to develop next-generation quantum engineers with the hope of having sufficient talent available once the technology becomes mainstream.
In Southeast Asia, the skills shortage gap is still a big concern. While the region has one of the fastest tech adoptions in the world, the skills shortage is still hindering most companies from going all out in their digital transformation.
An Amazon Web Services (AWS) report released earlier this year stated that between 666 million and 819 million workers in the Asia Pacific will use digital skills by 2025, up from just 149 million today, with the average employee requiring seven new digital skills to meet the growing demands in the industry.
Despite that, quantum computing is gaining traction in the region. Higher learning institutions in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia are offering more courses on the subject and are hoping to develop more quantum engineers in the near future.
The National University of Singapore and AWS are collaborating to boost the development of quantum communication and computing technologies, as well as explore potential applications of quantum capabilities.

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