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The QRL Foundation announces ‘lattice algebra’ for use in blockchains integrating post-quantum security

By IQT News posted 24 Feb 2022

(PR.QRL) The QRL Foundation, supporting the Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) post-quantum secure blockchain, and in partnership with Geometry Labs, are pleased to announce “lattice-algebra,” an elegant, high-performance, cryptographic library on GitHub for use in blockchain systems integrating post-quantum security. This includes projects moving to Proof-of-Stake, like QRL and Ethereum, allowing for the clean implementation of cryptographic schemes such as zero-knowledge proofs and signature aggregation.
The “lattice-algebra” library will be used to prototype a variety of new features for the Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) protocol, such as lattice-based Proof-of-Stake signatures, trustless cross-chain atomic swaps (QRL↔BTC, QRL↔ETH, etc), and “lightning network” style payment channels.
Without the ‘lattice-algebra’ module, lattice cryptography developers would have to divert time and resources towards rolling their own implementation of the underlying math, which is an antipattern that leads to duplicated, unoptimised, and difficult-to-maintain code. Unifying everything allows developers to write clean code that securely implements post-quantum cryptography for protocols and applications.
One key feature enabled by unification is being able to split the audit surface, where the “lattice-algebra” library could undergo a preemptive audit, giving downstream cryptographic applications a head start on their own audits. This is done by allowing developers and researchers to work with a few high level objects (e.g. polynomials, polynomial vectors) that contain built-in methods to abstractly handle the ways that they interact with each other. Schemes based on other hardness assumptions (such as the Ring Learning With Errors assumption) that take place over the same ring can be securely implemented as well. More details are covered in QRL’s lattice-algebra blog.
Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) is a pioneering layer-1 post-quantum blockchain protocol and decentralized communication layer integrating Proof-of-Stake with capable smart-contracts.
Geometry Labs is a team of mathematicians, scientists, and engineers developing next-generation open-source cryptography, tooling, and infrastructure for decentralized systems. The cryptography lab is focused on identifying and prototyping techniques for extending the functionality and/or scalability of the QRL protocol.

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