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The potential of quantum computing for manufacturing

By IQT News posted 07 Mar 2022

(TheManufacturer) The application of quantum computing could open up infinite possibilities in a variety of fields, including manufacturing. The use of quantum computing could help create high energy-dense batteries, materials with more strength-to-weight ratios, and more efficient synthetic and catalytic processes.
However, these are not the only benefits quantum computing could have on the manufacturing industry – the technology could benefit manufacturing design, control and supply chain.
Quantum computing could change the way manufacturers design products. Currently, computer simulation plays a crucial role in product design and pretesting. However, using computer simulations, safety margins can accumulate causing product weight differences and higher cost products.
If quantum computing was to replace conventional computer simulations, calculations for individual components’ paths, noise, vibrations and system loads could be inputted, increasing precision and accuracy. This would likely optimise the manufacturing of individual parts whilst still considering the overall system and reducing the impact of numerous safety margins. This would allow manufacturers to lower costs without sacrificing the performance of the system.
Product design is not the only part of the manufacturing process that could benefit from quantum computing. Manufacturing control processes can be complex, often testing the limits of advanced analytics. Combing quantum computing with machine learning could mean faster optimisation runs. This combination could allow manufacturers to go beyond the current limitations of classical computing by analysing additional interactive factors and processes to increase production yields.
Using quantum computing for supply chain and logistics would also enable the transformation of the manufacturing supply landscape. The application could optimise vendor orders, lower operational costs, reduce lost sales and improve accompanying logistics using dynamic real time decision making. Quantum computing could be the perfect addition to the digital supply chain toolbox of Industry 4.0.
There may still be a long way to go, but quantum computing is set to become a key instrument for manufacturers. This technology could provide a clear edge to those ready to adopt a quantum future.

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