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Can Quantum Computing Be Beneficial to Healthcare

By IQT News posted 06 Oct 2020

(BBN.Times) Can the faster processing ability of quantum computing be beneficial to the healthcare industry? Author Naveen Joshi provides several predictions about how quantum computing will benefit healthcare in the future. Joshi writes that the benefits will be many and different ways. The merge of quantum computing and healthcare can help clinicians determine the therapy best suited for a patient, based on several patient characteristics like age, comorbidities, gender, co-medications, and genetic make-up. In addition to determining the best therapy, quantum computing can improve healthcare systems in many other ways.
The research industries are spending millions and millions to study the interaction of different drugs. The healthcare contract research organizations’ market size is predicted to grow up to $54.7 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 6.6%. It takes several years to get a proper understanding of the effect of one drug in combination with others. Quantum computing can significantly shorten the period, as it has enough computational power to visualize all the possible outcomes. Quantum computing can also help to provide accurate medical imaging and medical therapies. Here’s how:
Improved Imaging Solutions
Quantum imaging machines can generate extremely precise imaging that allows visualization of single molecules. Machine learning algorithms and quantum computing together can aid a physician in interpreting the results of treatment. Machine learning can help to detect abnormalities in the human body, and quantum computing can help interpret the results of the treatment. The traditional MRIs can identify areas of light and dark, and the radiologist must have to evaluate the issues. But, quantum imaging solutions can differentiate between tissue types, which allows more detailed and precise imaging.
Improved Therapies
Radiation beams are used to destroy or stop the multiplication of affected cells completely. Minimizing damage to the surrounding cells is a major challenge of radiation therapy. Arriving at an optimal radiation therapy plan requires numerous simulations before an optimal plan is determined. With quantum computers, the possibilities that can be considered for each simulation can be found easily and quickly. It will allow physicians to determine the best therapy plan faster.

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