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Thales Announces Collaboration with ISARA & ID Quantique for Quantum-Safe, Crypto-Agile Solution

By IQT News posted 06 Aug 2019

(Yahoo.Finance) Thales has announced its collaboration with ISARA Corp. and ID Quantique (IDQ), providers of complementary quantum-safe security solutions, to collaborate on a quantum-safe, crypto-agile solution designed to protect against the security threat of quantum computing.
By incorporating quantum-safe algorithms from ISARA and the quantum random number generation technology from ID Quantique in its SafeNet Luna Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and SafeNet High Speed Encryptors, Thales is providing organizations with the crypto-agility to easily implement quantum-safe crypto and combat the threats of quantum computing.
Todd Moore, Vice President Encryption Products for cloud protection and licensing activity, Thales. “While there is no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to cybersecurity, crypto-agility is the next frontier in protection against the processing power of quantum. It will enable businesses to deploy algorithms in a flexible way, without significantly altering the system infrastructure, should there be a failure of the original encryption.”

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