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Stanford Students Work to Demystify Quantum Computing for High Schoolers

By IQT News posted 03 Mar 2021

(StanfordDaily) The Stanford Quantum Computing Association (SQCA), aims to foster community in the quantum computing field and produce new solutions to problems through paper-reading groups, hackathons and continuous projects. Martinez-Piedra interned at IBM in the summer of 2019. There, he met fellow interns then-Ph.D. candidate Kanav Setia of Dartmouth College and then-undergraduate Jason Necaise of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. That summer, their first idea of many surfaced: a company that writes software for people working on quantum chemistry.
After examining the landscape of how many people were using such software, they realized that instead of advancing quantum chemistry alone, they could have an effect on the larger industry.
“One of the key things in order for the field to progress was to bring more people in,” said Setia. “In order to do that you had to lower the steep learning curve associated with quantum computing.”
Necaise and Setia went on to found and pilot qBraid, a quantum computing platform for learning, programming and running quantum algorithms with courses for experience levels ranging from high school to graduate school. This year, in addition to organizing boot camps, campus events and outreach efforts to increase accessibility to the field of quantum computing.
There are three courses currently listed on the qBraid website: QuBes, aimed at juniors and seniors in high school, QuInts, for those in undergraduate programs or professionals with some mathematical background and the upcoming QuPro, a hands-on collection of tutorials for graduate students and researchers in the field.

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