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Seeqc UK Awarded £1.8M In Grants To Advance Quantum Computing Initiatives

By IQT News posted 14 May 2020

(SeeQC) Seeqc, the Digital Quantum Computing™ company, today announced its UK team has been selected to receive two British grants totaling £1.8 million from Innovate UK’s Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund.
Seeqc UK is joining six UK-based companies and universities in a consortium to collaborate on the initiative. This is the first concerted effort to bring all leading experts across industry and academia together to advance the development of quantum technologies in the UK.

NOTE: Seeqc is one of the Virtual Exhibitors in the upcoming Inside Quantum Computing-New York ONLINE event June 1-5.

John Levy, Seequ, CEO & Co-Founder will present “The Seeqc Perspective” at 12 pm on June 2 at the Inside Quantum Computing-New York ONLINE.

The second £1 million grant is part of a £7.6 million seven-organization consortium dedicated to advancing the commercialization of quantum computers in the UK by building a highly innovative quantum operating system. A quantum operating system, Deltaflow.OS, will be installed on all quantum computers in the UK in order to accelerate the commercialization and collaboration of the British quantum computing community. The universal operating system promises to greatly increase the performance and accessibility of quantum computers in the UK.
Seeqc owns and operates a multi-layer superconductive electronics chip fabrication facility, which is among the most advanced in the world. The foundry serves as a testing and benchmarking facility for Seeqc and the global quantum community to deliver quantum technologies for specific use cases. This foundry and expertise will be critical to the success of the grants. Seeqc’s Digital Quantum Computing solution is designed to manage and control qubits in quantum computers in a way that is cost-efficient and scalable for real-world business applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, logistics and chemical manufacturing.

“Seeqc’s participation in these new industry-leading British grants accelerates our work in making quantum computing useful, commercially and at scale,” said Dr. Matthew Hutchings, chief product officer and co-founder at Seeqc, Inc.

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