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QuTech & KPN to Partner on Quantum Internet

By IQT News posted 25 Jun 2019

(MobileEurope.co.uk) The Dutch operator KPN and QuTech have signed an agreement to partner on making quantum internet a reality. The quantum internet is an optically-connected network of small quantum computers. Such a system would enable the exchange of quantum bits between any of the connected quantum processors in order to address problems that have to date been impossible to solve.
The partnership comes after an announcement earlier this month that several EU Member States signed a declaration to work together on a space-based and terrestrial infrastructure for quantum communication.
Jan Kees de Jager, CFO KPN and Chairman Economic Board Zuid-Holland, commented, “We are very impressed by the world-leading capabilities at TU Delft and TNO in both fundamental and applied quantum technology exploration. KPN is eager to work with QuTech on the road to a quantum-based internet.”
QuTech also leads the European Quantum Internet Alliance in the EU Flagship on Quantum Technologies. “The collaboration with KPN forms an essential step in bringing quantum technology closer to our ultimate dream, namely that anyone in Europe – and ultimately the world – can themselves make use of a quantum internet,” said Stephanie Wehner, Roadmap Leader Quantum Internet and Networked Computing at QuTech.

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