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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 58: Quantum Consulting for the Fortune 100 with Konstantinos Karagiannis, Protiviti

By Christopher Bishop posted 11 Oct 2023

To celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Christopher Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod is a conversation with Konstantinos Karagiannis, Director of Quantum Computing Services at Protiviti.

Konstantinos has been involved in the quantum computing industry since 2012 and has worked in information security since the 1990s. Protiviti is a global business consulting firm that helps companies address quantum opportunities and threats. Their clients include more than 80 percent of the Fortune 100.

In his role as a consultant, Konstantinos can access people with different skills within his company to work on client engagements, as well as partner with outside firms such as Multiverse, Infleqtion, and IonQ.

Ally Financial reached for Protiviti to explore using quantum computing to improve financial index tracking. Using “cardinality constraints” – limiting the number of times an entity appears in a particular custom ETF – Konstantinos and his team, partnering with Multiverse, were able to recreate the performance of the NASDAQ 100 with only 25 assets. Learn more about this project.

Also, worth noting – Konstantinos hosts his own terrific podcast called The Post-Quantum World focused on business impacts, benefits, and threats of quantum technologies.

Check out Chris’s conversation with Konstantinos for perspective on how consulting firms are addressing quantum business opportunities and challenges!

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