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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 35: Steve Brierley, Riverlane, and Quantum Operating Systems

By Christopher Bishop posted 07 Sep 2022

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Steve Brierley, CEO/Founder, Riverlane is live! Steve founded the company in 2016, based on his passionate belief that fault tolerant quantum computers will accelerate a significant era of human progress and could be developed sooner than previously imagined. His company is building Deltaflow.OS – the operating system for error-corrected quantum computers. Innovate UK has provided £500k to explore using syndrome extraction (additional qubits) on superconducting quantum computers to develop error correction techniques. Riverlane will be presenting “Beyond NISQ: Defining the roadmap to error-corrected quantum computers” at IEEE Quantum Week next week. Check out our conversation!
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