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Quantum Sensors Vertical Sponsor Cold Quanta Opens Day Two of IQT-NYC Online

By IQT News posted 18 May 2021

(IQT-NYC) The Quantum Sensors’ Vertical Topic Sponsor ColdQuanta’s Director of Quantum Technologies, Evan Salim, opened Day two sessions for IQT-NYC with his presentation addressing “Quantum Sensing for Fun and Profit.” Salim explained the perspective that quantum sensors must do something useful in the classical world.  He pointed out the objective is to “couple the quantum state to the local environment.”
He answered the question: Why Quantum for sensors? Because quantum technologies can measure things better than classical counterparts. They are:
–More Sensitive
–More accurate
–More stable

ColdQuanta’s website forecasts that “Quantum Position Systems will replace the Global Position System, securing the enormous power, communications, and transportation infrastructure that is reliant on GPS. Learn how quantum sensing will be used in spacecraft, autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, financial trading networks, augmented reality, and much more.”

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