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Quantum News Briefs: March 21, 2024: Terra Quantum Expands Global Business Opportunities by Strategic Partnership with MegazoneCloud to Drive Quantum Innovation Across Asia; IonQ, South Carolina Quantum to advance quantum ecosystem in South Carolina; “Energy Dept joins industry partners in space for quantum technology”

IQT News — Quantum News Briefs
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 21 Mar 2024

Quantum News Briefs: March 21, 2024: 

Terra Quantum Expands Global Business Opportunities by Strategic Partnership with MegazoneCloud to Drive Quantum Innovation Across Asia

Terra Quantum secures EUR10m to build the Quantum Ecosystem

Terra Quantum AG, a pioneer in hybrid quantum computing, and MegazoneCloud Corporation, a notable cloud-managed services provider in South Korea, have established a strategic alliance by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This partnership aims to leverage their combined expertise to develop quantum computing solutions for private sectors like finance, manufacturing, and public sectors, including weather forecasting and smart city initiatives. The collaboration is set to enhance the adoption of quantum computing in Asian markets, with a special focus on South Korea, thereby contributing to the regional development of quantum technology applications and talent upskilling. This move is timely, given South Korea’s significant investment in the global quantum economy, as reported in the 2024 State of Quantum Report by Lakestar. By integrating Terra Quantum’s quantum software development prowess with MegazoneCloud’s cloud services, the partnership is poised to introduce groundbreaking quantum computing applications across Asia, marking a significant step in democratizing quantum computing access globally. The ceremonial MoU signing occurred at the iconic Battersea Power Station in London, symbolizing the promising fusion of two technological leaders aiming to revolutionize various industries with quantum innovation.

IonQ, South Carolina Quantum to advance quantum ecosystem in South Carolina

IonQ, a quantum computing firm based in College Park, has collaborated with South Carolina Quantum to deliver top-tier quantum computing capabilities and professional services to its partners, including academic entities across South Carolina. This partnership aims to create quantum-focused academic courses to prepare individuals for the burgeoning quantum economy and to expedite the deployment of quantum technologies in various sectors within the state. As highlighted in a recent announcement, South Carolina’s partnership with IonQ aligns with the state’s initiative to invest in a quantum-educated workforce and the development of quantum technologies, mirroring efforts by other U.S. states such as Maryland and Washington. This initiative marks a significant step in South Carolina’s commitment to advancing the quantum technology ecosystem and positions SC Quantum alongside other states in the national push toward embracing quantum innovations. The announcement also underscores IonQ’s growing influence and expansion within the quantum computing industry, demonstrated by its establishment of the U.S.’s first dedicated quantum manufacturing facility in Seattle and international collaborations, including a European quantum data center with QuantumBasel in Switzerland and partnerships with leading South Korean academic and governmental institutions.

In Other News: Federal Drive episode: “Energy Dept joins industry partners in space for quantum technology”

The Department of Energy (DOE) has initiated the Quantum and Space Collaboration, attracting participation from industry leaders, aiming to exploit quantum technologies for significant advancements. This initiative, not confined to quantum computing alone, spans quantum sensing for enhanced imaging and navigation and quantum secure communications, which are crucial for space-based operations. The collaboration, as Federal Drive Host Tom Temin discussed with Rima Oueid and Garland Garris, focuses on leveraging quantum technologies’ unique behaviors in space to serve various agency needs. It includes developing algorithms for quantum computing and enhancing secure communications through quantum entanglement, which ensures security by dropping connections if intercepted. The effort also looks into quantum sensing’s potential for precise imaging and anomaly detection from space. Partnerships with entities like Accenture Federal Services are central to complying with policy mandates and exploring quantum’s intersection with machine learning and AI. This collaboration signifies a concerted effort to advance quantum technology in space, addressing communication, security, and sensing challenges, thereby positioning the DOE and its partners at the forefront of quantum research and application.

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