SandboxAQ has announced Sandwich, an open source framework and meta-library of cryptographic algorithms that simplifies modern cryptography management. Quantum News Briefs summarizes August 8 announcement.
With an intuitive, unified API, Sandwich empowers developers to embed the cryptographic algorithms of their choice directly into their applications and to change them as technologies and threats evolve – without rewriting code.
Sandwich enables developers to create their own stack, or “sandwich,” of protocols and implementations that becomes available as a cohesive cryptographic object. It supports multiple languages (C/C++, Rust, Python and Go), operating systems (MacOS, Linux), and cryptographic libraries (OpenSSL, BoringSSL and libOQS), with future additions planned based on feedback from the open source and cybersecurity communities.
“Modern cryptography management and cryptographic agility are essential for organizations of all sizes; however, there has been a distinct lack of open-source tools for developers to support these features,” said Graham Steel, Head of Product for SandboxAQ’s security group. “With Sandwich, we’re empowering developers to experiment with different types of cryptography – including the new post-quantum cryptography algorithms soon to be standardized by NIST – so they can achieve the right balance of security and performance.”
“All enterprises need to have more observability and control over how encryption is managed across their systems, and ensuring that all applications leverage the best possible cryptography is a key aspect of improving cybersecurity posture,” said Nadia Carlsten, Vice President of Product at SandboxAQ. “Sandwich provides developers with an easy set of tools to integrate the latest cryptography standards to reduce the number of vulnerable applications that security-minded organizations have to worry about.”
“Properly implementing cryptography is challenging for developer teams of any size and skill, requiring significant time and effort for design, implementation, and testing. This will only be exacerbated by the need to transition to new PQC standards,” said Taher Elgamal, developer of the Elgamal encryption protocol, partner at Evolution Equity Partners and a SandboxAQ advisor. “With Sandwich, SandboxAQ has created an elegant solution that enables developers to easily implement cryptography and cryptographic agility into their applications.” Click here to read the complete announcement.