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Quantum Computing Will Have a huge Impact on Banking

By IQT News posted 07 Feb 2020

(Virtual-Strategy) Financial institutions have started to turn towards the field of quantum computing. Experts believe that quantum technology could solve problems related to security, processing power, and data efficiency. In this post, Deltec’s Senior VP Robin Trehan takes a look at how quantum computing might impact the banking and financial services industry.
There are several ways that quantum computing could impact banking:
*Quantum Cryptography
*Quantum Distributed Keys
*Fraud Detection
*Quantum Blockchain
*Quantum Transactions
*Quantum Data
Reports say that major banks like Barclays and JP Morgan are already looking towards quantum computing as a way to secure their future. These institutions are already experimenting with the technology and researching how it can be deployed in the real-world. The theories are still in their infancy and we will not truly know the impact until such time banks are running tasks fully on quantum machines.

Deltec Bank, The Bahamas Reviews Quantum Computing Efforts in Banking

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