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Quantum Computing Weekend Update June 12 – June 17

By Sandra Helsel posted 17 Jun 2023

Quantum Computing Weekend Update June 12 – June 17: Enjoy the best articles from InsideQuantumTechnology.com from this week as well as news that developed today.  IQT news, research and events are always up to date and meticulously curated.

Christopher Bishop, Chief Reinvention Officer, Improvising Careers; Will speak at IQT Canada 2023

Nord Quantique a Platinum Sponsor of IQT Canada 2023, June 22-24

A Deeper Look at the “Quantum Alliance” Between the University of Chicago and Japan’s Tohoku University

Toshiba, Classiq align to evaluate gate-based quantum computing

Jeff Salvail, Quantum and Emerging S&T Policy, R&D Science Policy Integration, Policy Analyst “National Strategy and Federal Initiatives” will speak at IQT Canada 2023

QC Design Announces New Fault-Tolerant Architecture for Quantum Computers

Quantum Machines, QuantWare pairing packages QPUs with control technology

Nick Werstiuk; CEO, Quantum Valley Ideas Lab; will speak on “How to Leverage Federal Funding and Programs from the National Strategy” at IQT Canada 2023

Quantum Tech Pod Episode 50: infinityQ CEO Aurélie Hélouis

Quantinuum Launches Quantum Origin Onboard, Bringing Quantum Encryption to A Wide Range of Devices

IQM teams up with Beyond Limits to pursue quantum AI

Jean-Sébastien Pegon, IDQ, Head of Finance, Pharma, & Telecom Markets for Quantum Security Technology Products; will speak on QKD Markets at IQT Canada 2023.

Numana: Quantum Communication Testbed 2.0: An Innovation Tool for All Players in the Ecosystem

Intel releases 12-qubit Tunnel Falls chip to research community

Julien Camirand Lemyre, President & CTO Nord Quantique, will give Session Keynote June 21 at IQT Canada.

Quantum Machines, QuantWare pairing packages QPUs with control technology

Inside Quantum Technology’s “Inside Scoop:” Quantum and Industrial Design

Sandra K. Helsel, Ph.D. has been researching and reporting on frontier technologies since 1990.  She has her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.

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