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Quantum Computing Inc. announces agreement to acquire QPhoton delivering first commercially available, ready-to-run full-stack quantum solutions

By Sandra Helsel posted 24 May 2022

(TheStreet) Quantum Computing Inc. (“QCI” or the “Company”) (QUBT), today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire QPhoton, a quantum photonics innovation company that has developed a series of quantum photonic systems (QPS). The acquisition of QPhoton extends QCI’s offerings to accelerate the accessibility of quantum computing, and other powerful technologies, into easily deployable solutions today, and advances QCI into a full-spectrum quantum software and hardware company.

QPhoton’s QPS, including those for AI and optimization, operate at room temperature and maintain computational stability in a variety of application environments. These unique approaches eliminate the cost and complexity required by the hyper-cooled, tightly controlled environments required by other technology. QPhoton’s QPS is designed to be easily deployed and used at a substantially reduced total cost of ownership relative to competing offerings, while providing substantial quantum advantages
The QPS for optimization work effectively with QCI’s Qatalyst™ software, which is designed to eliminate the need for complex quantum programming and runs seamlessly across a variety of quantum computers. This combination sets QCI on a path to delivering a broadly accessible and affordable solution that can be used by non-quantum experts, anywhere, for real-world industry applications.

Qatalyst will continue to be a vendor-neutral software, supporting a variety of quantum computing platforms including D-Wave, IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Rigetti, and QPhoton, among others.

“This acquisition is key to QCI delivering on its commitment to be the democratizing force that empowers non-quantum experts to realize quantum value,” stated Robert Liscouski, CEO of QCI. “The combination of QPhoton’s powerful quantum processing technology and systems with QCI’s Qatalyst software significantly accelerates accessibility to quantum solutions for real business problems. Just a year ago this quantum functionality seemed far off. QCI, with QPhoton’s technology, will be launching ready-to-run anywhere, full-stack quantum systems that can deliver affordable, user-friendly solutions for real business problems to a much larger audience.”

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