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‘National Strategy for Critical & Emerging Technologies’ to Promote AI. Military & Space Technologies, & Quantum Computing Announced by White House

By IQT News posted 16 Oct 2020

(TheHill) President Trump on Thursday released its National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies to promote the future of critical and emerging technologies around the world, including artificial intelligence, military and space technologies, and quantum computing.
A senior administration official told reporters on a call Thursday that while the strategy would not directly change the Commerce Department’s export control processes, the strategy “builds” on the agency’s efforts.
The strategy was rolled out as part of wider efforts by the Trump administration to prioritize developing technologies such as AI and quantum computing.
The strategy lays out priorities for the promotion of these technologies and for keeping pace with other nations, with a focus on bolstering U.S. science and technology efforts both domestically and internationally and on protecting U.S. research and technology from adversaries.
Goals of the strategy include prioritizing science and technology workforce development, ensuring the U.S. leads on the development of international standards around critical technologies, building partnerships with allied nations and taking steps to protect the development of critical technologies such as through designing security into products.

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