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Feynman Foresaw Harnessing Quantum Mechanics to Produce New Kind of Computing

By IQT News posted 15 Nov 2018

(BloombergNews) Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman was the first to suggest that the mind-bending properties of quantum mechanics could be harnessed to make a new kind of computer almost 40 years ago.
This article discusses describes the current quantum computer ecosystem and broadly explains how the technology functions:
–Quantum computers might make today’s fastest supercomputer look like an abacus.
–Canada’s D-Wave Systems Inc., is the first to sell quantum computers. IBM Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Intel and Rigetti Computing, have all created working quantum computers.
–Quantum computers use tiny circuits to perform calculations, as do traditional computers. But they also use two quantum phenomena called superposition and entanglement.
–Much more in this easy-to-read summary.

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