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Kantar Brand Growth Lab Developing Quantum Machine Learning Solutions in Singapore

By IQT News posted 25 Jun 2020

(Finance.Yahoo) Kantar has announced the first patent on Quantum Machine Learning as part of AI/ML advancement in Singapore. With the continuous support and partnership of Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB), Kantar established its Brand Growth Lab in Singapore in 2018 to develop AI/ML solutions. The Lab, an advanced analytics hub, is dedicated to discovering new ways to leverage big data to drive strategic decision-making for business.
On January 2nd of this year, Kantar was granted its first patent by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore for a method of optimising AI/ML predictions from a classical data feed with a hybrid simulator generated from classical and quantum model structures. Some of the other organizations with a patented invention in the Quantum technology field in Singapore are Oxford University Innovation, D-Wave, IBM and Google.
“Quantum technology will revolutionize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This patent indicates our commitment to lead in this field. We are proud to have been awarded this patent as it demonstrates our advancement in the field of data science,” commented Hernan Sanchez, Managing Director, Kantar Brand Growth Lab.
In collaboration with Professor Angelakis, Principal Investigator and the leader of the Quantum Simulation and Computation Group at the National University of Singapore’s Centre of Quantum Technologies, two quantum experiments using real consumer behavioral data from Kantar’s panels were conducted during the last 6 months.
Experiment 1: Customer segmentation using quantum machine learning
Experiment 2: Customer Segmentation based on Media consumption patterns using an IBM quantum computer

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