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Japan Consortium Aims to Bring Quantum Computers to the Workplace by Developing Practical Applications

By IQT News posted 05 Aug 2020

(Asia.Nikkei) Leading Japanese universities and corporations have joined hands with IBM to develop practical quantum computing applications in finance, materials development and the broader business scene.
While full-fledged commercialization is thought to lie two decades down the road, companies hope to start using quantum computing in certain settings sooner. JSR plans to use the technology to develop new materials, like those used in display panels, while Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings unit Mitsubishi Chemical is interested in accelerating the development of next-generation lithium-air batteries.
“I believe that Japan will play an important role in implementing quantum computing technology to society ahead of rest of the world, and that industry-academia-government collaboration is necessary for this,” University of Tokyo President Makoto Gonokami said at an online news conference Thursday that unveiled the Quantum Innovation Initiative Consortium.
Keio University, a leader in this field, is joining the effort. Besides the two universities, Toshiba, Hitachi, Mizuho Financial Group, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, JSR, DIC, Toyota Motor, Mitsubishi Chemical and IBM Japan will participate.

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