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ID Quantique Hires Axel Foery to Lead its Quantum-Safe Security Division

By IQT News posted 05 Feb 2020

(ID Quantique) ID Quantique (IDQ) has announced Axel Foery is joining the company as Executive Vice President for the Quantum-Safe Security division.
Axel is an accomplished executive with significant experience in the IT, telecommunications & security field” said CEO and founder Grégoire Ribordy. “Axel has extensive experience in driving new technologies and teams to success. He will be a major asset to us as we continue to grow.”
Mr. Axel Foery started his career in the telecommunications market working for Deutsche Telekom, Nokia and later Cisco where he built the IP infrastructure we everyday use. During 16 years at Cisco, he successfully held leadership roles throughout Europe and was responsible for the launch of new technologies and go-to-market approaches for major global markets and verticals.With the age of quantum computing on the horizon, bringing with it the computational power that will render most of today’s encryption algorithms obsolete, it is critical that organisations equip themselves with the right tools to protect their sensitive data in this new threat landscape.The only solution to provide provable forward secrecy of critical data is to implement quantum-safe security today.
IDQ’s Quantum Key Distribution exploits a fundamental law of quantum physics – observation causes perturbation – to guarantee safe key exchange and preserve data integrity against both classical and quantum attacks. This is particularly crucial for data with a long shelf life.Press ReleaseGeneva, January 31st 2020After working at Cisco, Axel became the CEO of Keymile, a Swiss and German network infrastructure vendor, serving the Energy, Railway, Authority and Carrier markets. There, he implemented a new company strategy focussing on the mission-critical market. To cover the strong security needs of this mar-ket, he drove the joint development of a new product with IDQ and Keymile/ABB in 2016. Later, he moved into the Utility market to build the Global B2B Solution Business GTM for E.ON, a major European Utility company. Before joining ID Quantique, Axel was a strategic technology advisor in different Pri-vate Equity investments.

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