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IBM launches a new campaign to encourage the uptake of STEM subjects amongst young people

By IQT News posted 14 Jan 2022

(WhatHowWhy) IBM has launched a new campaign to encourage the uptake of STEM subjects amongst young people. The company has released a series of videos for schoolchildren explaining Quantum computing, an emerging technology with the potential address big societal issues like sustainability and climate change.
The new video series, entitled What How Why, invited students from schools and colleges in London Leeds and Dublin to directly ask IBM Research experts to explain Quantum computing. Introduced by teacher and mathematician Bobby Seagull, these conversations covered what Quantum computing is, why it is important for the skills they will need in future and how it will make a difference to the world they are growing up in.
And Dr Wootton added: “The videos helped us explore Quantum computing in terms everyone can understand, the applications and skills needed for a future, and the impact it can make on some of the big challenges we face.
“Even though we created these videos for young people, they are a great primer for anyone that wants to demystify quantum computing and understand its potential to change the world.”
Dr James Wootton, a Quantum researcher at IBM, said: “Quantum computing is a really good example of an emerging technology that requires STEM education and skills. It promises game-changing applications across almost every sector, such as better batteries for electric cars, quicker discovery of new medicines, or the discovery of new materials for things like solar panels or carbon capture.

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