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IBM Aiming for ‘Frictionless’ Quantum Computing by 2025

By IQT News posted 09 Feb 2021

(TechHQ) IBM believes “frictionless quantum computing” will be a reality by 2025. The firm has taken an initial step towards a vision of creating a programming environment where the “intricacies” of the underlying technology aren’t a concern to developers.
The statement came with the release of an extension of the execution environment Qiskit, to run more circuits at a faster rate and adding the capacity to store quantum programs so other users can use them as a service.
This forms part of a roadmap towards advancing the power and reliability of quantum hardware to the point of enabling commercial applications, or a viable quantum computing XaaS offering. “In the future, a program will be handed off to the cloud and vast quantum and classical resources will be employed, and within the blink of an eye the solution is returned perfectly optimized,” the blog post read.
By 2023, IBM plans to offer pre-built runtimes, accessible from a cloud-based API using common development frameworks, enabling end-users to apply quantum computing to tackle industry-specific problems, from optimizing business functions, modeling financial risk, or measuring the energy of chemical compounds for new battery technology.
IBM said it will be extending and improving the optimization module by adding support for new types of problems and new algorithms in the coming weeks and months.

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