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IAEA-Coordinated Project to Build Quantum Technology with Ion Beam Accelerators

By IQT News posted 25 Feb 2019

(IAEA.org) Scientists are working on accelerator-based techniques for developing new materials that could speed up development of quantum technologies. A coordinated research project funded by the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) has brought together leading scientists from Australia, China, Croatia, Finland, Italy, India, Israel, Singapore, Spain and the USA. The main aim of the project is to develop novel, accelerator-based ion beam techniques for creating and characterizing modified material required for new quantum technologies.
“The first quantum revolution was about building devices based on the ability to control photons and electrons, which led to the personal computer, LED lighting, even GPS and the Internet. In the second revolution, it’s about controlling the quantum state of individual atomic systems to create more advanced technology that is capable of solving previously impossible problems,” said David Jamieson, Professor at the University of Melbourne and chair of the IAEA coordinated research project behind this work: ‘Ion beam induced spatio-temporal structural evolution of materials: accelerators for a new technology era’.

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