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How to Start Readying Your IT Ecosystem for Quantum Now

By IQT News posted 18 Jun 2020

(ISARA) When it comes to quantum preparedness for your IT ecosystem, a good first step is for organizations to inventory their systems and algorithms. Here are six steps we recommend organizations take to prepare for quantum:
1. Conduct your own research. Determine how large-scale quantum computing will impact public-key cryptography and how it will affect your business
2. Catalog. Perform an archeological expedition to understand how cryptography is used in your organization
3. Prioritize. Identify and prioritize high-value assets for migration
4. Build a strategy. Collaborate with your internal team to create a migration plan
5. Look for tools and partners. Share your needs with key vendors to ensure their roadmap aligns
6. Plan. Planning your attack will take time but preparing early enough will help mitigate risks

Because of the real risks imposed by quantum computing — and despite the uncertain arrival time — many CISOs and CIOs have tasked their IS/IT teams with investigating the threat and recommending a course of action.
ISARA has launched a Quantum-Safe Readiness Program for Enterprises, a workshop to explore quantum-safe cryptography gain hands-on experience, and learn best practices.

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