By IQT News posted 31 Dec 2018

(DarkReading) Quantum computing will break most of the encryption schemes on which we rely today. These five tips will help you get ready.
1) Take Action: Monitor the development of both quantum computers and post-quantum standards and protocols.
2) Double Key Sizes: Double your key sizes for symmetric algorithms. A good place to start is AES-256.
3) Embrace the Hash: Hash-based signatures are a viable quantum-safe trust mechanism you can use in the near future.
4) Mix and match crypto: Explore hybrid cryptography, which combines conventional RSA or elliptic-curve cryptography with one or more of the new “quantum-resistant” algorithms.
5) Talk to your provider: Talk to your cryptography provider about their plans for quantum-resistant computing and build quantum-resistant crypto into your deployments, such as certificate-based authentication using public key infrastructure.

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