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D-Wave Focuses on Making Quantum Computing Practical & Accessible

By IQT News posted 08 Nov 2018

(TechCrunch) D-Wave’s Orion quantum computer, which launched in 2007, was used to classify drug molecules and play Sodoku. The business now sells computers for up to $10 million to clients like Google, Microsoft and Northrop Grumman. Today, the D-Wave computers are simulating weather patterns and tsunamis, optimizing hotel ad displays, solving complex network problems
“We’ve been focused on making quantum computing practical since day one. In 2010 we started offering remote cloud access to customers and today, we have 100 early applications running on our computers (70 percent of which were built in the cloud),” said CEO Vern Brownell. “Through this work, our customers have told us it takes more than just access to real quantum hardware to benefit from quantum computing. In order to build a true quantum ecosystem, millions of developers need the access and tools to get started with quantum.”

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