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Breakthroughs Announcing Quantum Devices that Can Operate at 1.5 Kelvin Could Save Millions of Dollars of Monumental Maintenance Costs

By IQT News posted 23 Apr 2020

(TechHQ) The quantum computing landscape has experienced another step forward as two research groups have successfully developed quantum devices that can operate at a relatively toasty 1.5 Kelvin (-271.65°C) — which is 15 times hotter than the leading technology can currently operate at.
This is a significant breakthrough in the world of quantum computing development, where costs spent on temperature control equipment can be eye-watering.
Andrew Dzurak from the University of New South Wales explained, “While difficult to appreciate using our everyday concepts of temperature, this increase is extreme in the quantum world. Our new results open a path from experimental devices to affordable quantum computers for real-world business and government applications.”
Other researchers and experts in the field have also shared their recognition of the breakthrough, such as Hong Wen Jiang, a physicist at UCLA. Jiang, who contributing to the peer review of the papers, acknowledged that this is “a technological breakthrough for semiconductor-based quantum computing.”
Dzurak explained the contrast between full-scale quantum computer storage costs could drop to a few thousand dollars from their current million-dollar price tags. This alone could be a powerful push in the commercialization of quantum computers if maintenance costs and the massive storage spaces needed can be drastically reduced on all fronts.

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