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Bitcoin Will Be Vulnerable to Quantum Computing If Not Prepared

By IQT News posted 27 May 2019

(AMBCrypto) The introduction of quantum computing in the cryptocurrency scenario is a topic which is widely debated among other personalities in the Blockstream community.
Mati Greenspan, a prominent eToro Analyst, had started earlier this year that the threat only existed to Bitcoin if quantum computing was available to only one person. If people or users collectively upgraded to quantum computers, then the Bitcoin miners would upgrade among themselves to protect it from an alleged 99% attack, which is possible with a quantum computer.
Poelstra, the Lead Researcher at Blockstream, said that it was necessary to take actions in the current scenario for post-quantum systems because he believed that without any preparation for the impending technological aspect, it did not matter how the future rested. Without preparation, the community was going to be blindsided, he said.

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