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University of Toronto Researchers Developing for Long-Distance Quantum Communication

By IQT News posted 27 May 2019

(VeteransInsights) Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a prototype of key element for photonic quantum repeaters, a significant step in development of long-distance quantum communication.
A quantum internet is based on securing information and communication dealing with challenges such as hacking and computer espionage. Hackers in no small measure are creating loop holes in the information security of the government, corporations and individuals.
The developers have drafted ways which will provide virtually unbreakable encryption system. The quantum key distribution is one such initiative towards marring the hacker’s intentions. The technique focuses on tracking the hacker who leaves detectable trace and aborting the communication before one loses any significant information. However, these techniques are applicable only over short distances. Therefore, the team of researchers at Toronto sought to overcome this challenge using optical-fiber communication. Since the signals lose their potency during their travel in the fiber optical cables, repeaters are inserted in cables that help in boosting and amplifying the signals that transmit information.

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