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AI Entrepreneur Discusses How AI & Quantum Computers Can Work Together

By IQT News posted 02 Nov 2020

(Forbes) One of the areas where quantum computing is more lucrative and promising is artificial intelligence. Gary Fowler, a serial AI entrepreneur with 15 startups, an IPO, discusses the synthesis and promise of AI and Quantum computing. Fowler is also the Co-Founder of GSD Venture Studios and Yva.ai.
As AI operates on the analysis of large datasets, the margin of error and inaccuracy in the process of learning has significant room for improvement — and quantum computing may well allow us to improve the algorithm’s ability to learn and interpret.
modern-day machine learning’s extent of efficiency and success largely depends on the dataset it’s given. The size of the dataset determines the quality of the results, so if the information isn’t ample, the output won’t be promising either. However, thanks to quantum computing’s ability to go beyond the traditional binary coding system, it makes it possible to enlarge and enrich the data set, both in terms of volume and diversity. With better and more in-depth datasets, it becomes possible to better train machine learning models, which can then contribute to real-life problem-solving.
Another enhancement that quantum computing introduces to AI is the improvement of “natural language processing” capabilities that allow for a more in-depth understanding and analysis of textual data. With quantum computing, the algorithms can become more aware of the content of the textual data.
Some of the most promising breakthroughs quantum computing offers is in health care. Since traditional computers are limited in the amount of data they can hold and analyze, quantum computing steps in to expand the sheer size and variety of various molecules available for research and comparison. As the process of molecule simulation and comparison is the backbone of any drug development initiative, quantum computing will allow for more informed and diverse simulations designed to test the interactions between drugs and human body molecules. In addition to research, quantum computing can improve capacities for pattern recognition, create enlarged data sets and improve MRI image accuracy.
quantum computing will unlock new capabilities in the finance industry. Specifically, with fraud detection, which relies largely on pattern recognition. Quantum computers can help detect fraud early on and significantly increase the speed of analysis thanks to its improved power and capacity.
By enhancing AI’s ability to analyze and learn based on data sets, quantum computing will eliminate the main concerns about data quality and analysis accuracy that still serve as obstacles in the application process of machine learning algorithms in various scenarios. The possibilities are, by all means, revolutionary and promising.

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