Published January 2019
    Report # #IQT-PQT-0119

    The market for post-quantum cryptography (PQC) already generates revenue and will expand as quantum computers capable of breaking common public key encryption schemes with Shor’s algorithm become more widely deployed. For now, post-quantum cryptography finds its market in critical long-lived data such as plans for aircraft and medical databases that need to survive well into the era of powerful quantum

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    Published January 2022
    Report # IQT-QCFSI-0122

    In late 2019, Bank of America claimed quantum computing “would be as revolutionary in the 2020s as smartphones were in the 2010s.” Goldman Sachs was quoted in January 2020 saying quantum computing has the potential to become a critical technology in the financial services sector. Other big banks have made commitments to quantum computing including JPMorgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo

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    Published January 2018
    Report # #IQT-QT-0118

    This report examines the major applications for quantum computing. Questions answered in this report: Which end-user communities will be the first to adopt quantum computing and what is the timeframe in which they will need to migrate from classical supercomputers to quantum computer platforms? What software will be required for early-stage quantum computing and how is that likely to evolve

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    Published December 2021
    Report # IQT-QKD2021-1221

    Inside Quantum Technology has provided coverage of the Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) since 2014 and publishes an annual ten-year market forecast. This report is the latest of these QKD market studies. In this edition, there have been major revisions including (1) a complete revision of our forecasts to take account of the likely price reductions as QKD chips appear and

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    Published April 2022
    Report # IQT-QS2022-0422

    It has been three years since IQT Research published a market assessment of the of the quantum sensor sector; much has changed. Quantum sensors are rapidly commercializing. For example, we are entering an era when quantum sensors will become day-to-day realities in air traffic control and healthcare. At the same time, quantum sensors are being integrated into the quantum technology

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    Published December 2022
    Report # IQT-MQR2022-1222

    Several years ago, IQT Research was the first research firm ever to forecast the market for quantum repeaters. We have always believed that the quantum repeater is the enabling technology that will propel the Quantum Internet from a disconnected collection of testbeds to an integrated network capable of carrying qubits. In this new report, IQT Research provides the analysis on

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