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Published April 2020
Report # IQT-QMM-0420

This report is the first industry analysis report to analyze the market for quantum magnetometers.  This is a market that Inside Quantum Technology believes will grow to well over $700 million by 2025 driven by compelling value propositions in medicine, the military, and geophysical applications. This report examines both technical and market factors driving the market for quantum magnetometers: Geophysical

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Published February 2020
Report # IQT-ACM-0220

This report surveys the new business opportunities for atomic clocks in the coming decade. We believe this report is needed because the commercial environment is in the process of profound change. While atomic clocks have been around for decades, new applications are appearing regularly – in telecom, transportation, financial services and elsewhere. One goal of this report is therefore to

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Published January 2019
Report # #IQT-QS-0119

Quantum sensors are a class of sensors that offer a particularly high level of sensitivity based on certain quantum phenomena, such as quantum de-coherence and quantum entanglement.  Some of these devices – such as PAR sensors – represent relatively mature technology. Others – gravity sensors and quantum LiDAR – are only beginning to make an impact.  IQT Research believes, however,

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