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Will Quantum Computing Make Gambling More Fair?

By IQT News posted 25 Dec 2020

(AnalyticsInsight) From a player’s perspective, the prospect of gambling becoming fairer thanks to the use of quantum computing is an appealing one. So how realistic is this expectation, and what hurdles need to be overcome before it can be realized?
Randomness is important in all types of gambling, although the role it plays varies depending on the activity in question. Over the years, the random number generators (RNGs) that are at the heart of online and land-based slots alike have been subjected to scrutiny by various experts, sometimes with successful results. The thing to remember is that these algorithm-powered services are essential to ensuring fairness in the first place.
Where quantum computing comes into play in all of this is to overhaul the approach to RNG and make it far less predictable. The older RNG tech is far from infallible and mathematical wiz-kids can crack algorithms with relative ease if they get their hands on them. This has the added effect of meaning that online gambling services are not truly random, in the strictest sense of the word, but rather using a close of an approximation as can be achieved.
Quantum techniques for RNG take this predictability out of the equation, creating ‘true’ randomness by measuring the fluctuations of the quantum world which is imperceptible to humans yet plays a vital part in holding together reality as we know it.
Quantum RNG is especially attractive for online casino operators and players alike, as it will mean that a completely level playing field will exist with every spin of games which eventually adopt quantum computing technology to underpin their randomness.
Service security is arguably the most significant area which can be improved through the influence of the quantum revolution. While similar cryptographic techniques will be used to protect user data and prevent breaches, the use of quantum RNG will bolster these solutions to the point that they are essentially unbreakable.
Quantum computing is going to be increasingly important in the coming years, and gambling operators as well as gamblers themselves can expect to reap the benefits.

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