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When Will Quantum Computing Come to Mainstream?

By IQT News posted 12 Jun 2020

(AnalyticsInsight) Today, quantum computing is approaching a phase of commercialization that may transform the modern world. By adopting early quantum’s unique ability to solve certain problems may accomplish breakthroughs that enable new business models. Predictions have been made that 25 percent of the Fortune Global 500 will gain a competitive edge from quantum computing by 2023.
Before making quantum computing commercially, researchers must address certain major bottlenecks. The important one is elevating the number of qubits, units of information that quantum computers use to perform tasks.
Comprehensively, in the future, there will be organizations across diverse industries setting up exploratory teams to interpret how to code for quantum and develop algorithms. These organizations will be at the forefront of implementing their paths when the quantum infrastructure will finally ready.
Since capitalizing on the laws of quantum mechanics, quantum computing set to potentially bring transformation to certain industries. Current computational chemistry methods, for instance, rely heavily on estimation, as conventional computers cannot solve the accurate equations. In order to gain benefits from quantum computing ahead of competitors, forward-thinking businesses are already focusing on establishing expertise to explore which use cases may benefit their own industries.

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