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WACQT-IP is a Gold Sponsor at IQT Nordics/Helsinki 2024

By Sandra Helsel posted 19 Jun 2024

WACQT-IP is a Gold Sponsor at IQT Nordics/Helsinki 2024

WACQT-IP AB is a spin-out company from the WACQT research programme. WACQT-IP AB shall protect early technology steps in quantum technology via patenting,

  • build up a patent portfolio in quantum technology, and
  • commercialize via spin-off companies, licensing and divestments.

WACQT-IP was established by the Wallenberg company Navigare Ventures AB, Chalmers Holding AB and WACQT researchers. The researchers established WACQT Researcher AB, which holds 70% of the shares in WACQT-IP AB. The activities in WACQT-IP is funded through shareholders contributions from Navigare Ventures AB and Chalmers Holding.

IQT Nordics Helsinki-Espoo is a significant opportunity for professionals in the quantum computing field to network, share ideas and collaborate on groundbreaking solutions. This annual June event rotates amongst three Nordic region countries (Denmark, Finland, and Sweden; the first iteration took place in Copenhagen in 2023 and Gothenburg, Sweden is the host in 2025).

The second annual Nordics conference will focus on real-world quantum technology applications.

Click here for IQT Nordics 2024 Website & Registration

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