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VP of IBM Q Strategy & Ecosystem Interviewed on Bloomberg

By IQT News posted 15 Aug 2019

(BloombergNews) Bob Sutor, Vice President, IBM Q Strategy & Ecosystem, on building public and commercial quantum computing (QC) systems for business and science applications was interviewed recently by Bloomberg’s Lisa Abramowicz.
Dr. Sutor began by explaining that IBM Research deals with new things that will be coming to market in 5, 10, and 20 years. QC developing new types of computers and software to solve problems that can’t be solved with today’s computers.
Sutor explained that applications of quantum computing are several years away but IBM is looking for applications that CQ can do better 5-10 years. People with longer term research programs in such fields as financial services and drug discovery will get behind this.
When Abramowicz asked “Who is ahead?” Sutor responded that he comment on China and that he can only comment on what I know about the US and Europe. IBM is ahead in terms of producing quantum computer and making them available. Today, People can go online into the cloud and use Quantum Q.
Education a big part of what IBM is supporting right now. IBM is are trying to train more undergraduates and support grad students.Financial services, all those things related to chemistry such as healthcare and materials science.
In terms of the future, Sutor forecast that people will not access their own quantum computers but will access via the cloud.

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