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US Consults on Quantum Computing Strategy

By IQT News posted 14 Jun 2019

(GlobalGovernmentForum) The White House has launched a public consultation on its national quantum computing policy, which sets out an expectation that government agencies should create “detailed execution plans” to realise the potential of the emerging technology.  Click here to review the Federal Register for information on how to consult, i.e., contribute.
The consultation seeks “public input to inform the Subcommittee as the Government develops the means to address the specific policy recommendations included in the ‘Strategic Overview’ and the overall goals of the National Quantum Initiative Act”.
Quantum computers are a kind of supercomputer capable of storing vast amounts of data, and working much quicker than conventional IT equipment. “QIS applies the best understanding of the sub-atomic world – quantum theory – to generate new knowledge and technologies,” the document says, listing examples of current QIS-related technologies including semiconductor microelectronics, photonics, the global positioning system (GPS), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

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