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University of Twente Spinoff QuiX Developing Photonic Chip

By IQT News posted 26 Jun 2019

(Phys.org) University of Twente spinoff company QuiX is currently developing a photonic chip using the quantum properties of light for carrying out complex calculations. The new chip, of which a first version is already operational, calculates using light and photons.
QuiX aims at changing this by using the quantum properties of photons. Most of today’s quantum computers use qubits as information carriers based on quantum properties of electrons. Qubits, however, only operate at temperatures close to zero Kelvin (-273 degrees Celsius). By using light instead, quantum effects are possible at room temperature.
The photonic chip, for which UT scientists Pepijn Pinkse, Ad Lagendijk, Willem Vos, Klaus Boller and Jelmer Renema founded the company QuiX, is not aiming at the consumer market, but at scientists and industrial R&D, for discovering the potential of quantum computing and developing new applications.

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