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Top 10 Quantum Computing Research Institutes Across the World

By IQT News posted 02 Jul 2021

(AnalyticsInsight) AnalyticsInsight has published its list of the “Top 10 Quantum Computing Research Institutes Across the World” and IQT-News is sharing the list below. Note: article does not include the criteria by which the top 10 were determined.

The Institute for Quantum Computing- University of Waterloo
The University of Waterloo, a Canadian university went all-in offering quantum computing classes. The creator of BlackBerry, Mike Lazaridis, funded the institute. 296 researchers were employed in the quantum computing powerhouse. One of the fortes of this institute is that how it engages excellence in academic research with an entrepreneurial initiative to materialize the technology.

The University of Oxford
According to this university, they are focusing on quantum computing research for its vast potentiality. As it has the potential to alter the areas of different sectors such as finance and security, healthcare, etc.

MIT — Centre for Theoretical Physics
MIT is a research leviathan institute. It has a high extended reach that focuses deeply on quantum computing and quantum information.  The researchers and experts of quantum technology are implying their discoveries in sensing, communications, and computing.

The National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University — Centre for Quantum Technologies
The university center was founded to engage together physicists, engineers, and computer scientists to research on basics of quantum physics and to construct devices based on quantum phenomena. The researchers and experts of quantum technology are implying their discoveries in sensing, communications, and computing.

The University of California Berkeley
The Berkeley Centre for Quantum Computation and Information involves researchers from the colleges of Engineering, Chemistry, and Physical Sciences. These researchers work on principal and fundamental issues in quantum devices, quantum cryptography, quantum information theory, quantum algorithms, quantum control, and the experimental realization of quantum computers.

University of Maryland — Joint Quantum Institute
The Joint Quantum Institute involves quantum scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Department of Physics of the University of Maryland (UMD), and the Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS). Each of these institutions brings major theoretical and experimental research programs with a dedication to control and deploy the quantum system.

University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) – Division of Quantum Physics and Quantum Information
The Division of Quantum Physics and Quantum Information focuses on the field of quantum information and quantum optics. The division mainly directs towards fiber-based quantum communication, quantum memory, and quantum repeater, free-space quantum communication, quantum foundation, superconducting quantum computing, optical quantum computing, quantum simulation with ultracold atoms, quantum metrology, and related theories.

The University of Chicago — Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE)
The Chicago Quantum Exchange is a center of researchers showing keen interest in industrial efforts and advancing academics in the engineering and science of quantum information and computing. The objective of the center is to promote the identification and exploration of quantum information and computing technologies and also the development of new applications.

University of Sydney — Australia
The University of Sydney quantum science group emphasizes directing to the most challenging problems of quantum computing and applying these insights to construct new technologies. The scientific searches of the university are engaged with deep industrial and entrepreneurial activities.

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